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Does GTA 5 ban modders?

Rockstar won't let you have mods when playing GTA Online , otherwise, you would get banned. Mods are only allowed for a single-player mode.

GTA Online Ban Wave July 2021 There have been plenty of false rumors spread around on TikTok in the video game community, so it would not be surprising to see that the rumors of a GTA Online ban wave happening in July 2021 be confirmed to be false in the near future .

However, this is not the first ban wave by Rockstar as they have done so several times in the past. ... Why is condemned banned in Germany? NameReasonCondemned 2: BloodshotBanned because of high-impact gory violence.Does Rockstar still ban modders 2020? - Gaming Section › news › does-rockstar-still-ban-modders-2020-2