Cheat codes PS4

What percentage of people cheat in games?

Whether socially accepted, tolerated, or induced, cheating behavior is now massive, according to the survey. A total of 37% of gamers confessed to cheating (3% "always", 9% "often", 13% "sometimes", and 12% "rarely").

Consalvo puts this down to several reasons. Firstly, sometimes games are less than perfect . A small flaw or oversight might mean a player gets stuck – and that's no fun for anyone. Consalvo says that this is overwhelmingly the reason most people cheat.Dec 6, 2021

Cheat codes were often used on old-school games to get ahead, but some modern games also support cheats . Cheat codes have largely gone away in the modern gaming landscape. With the advent of online multiplayer, achievements, and trophies, getting an advantage by putting in a code seems unfair.

Around 78% of PC gamers said that they thought that cheating was no big deal , and while that is a large number it pales in comparison to the 81% of PlayStation gamers and 80% of Xbox gamers that did not have a problem with cheating.