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Do addons disable achievements Minecraft?

It should also be worth noting that having behavior based add-ons in worlds will disable achievements whereas texture based ones don't.

Using mods does not disable Steam achievements . Enabling sandbox mode or debug mode disables Steam achievements.

Yes. In particular, mods disable achievements on consoles (because apparently some console users care about that stuff more than PC), and that feature was carried over to the PC version as well.

No, it should not affect your achievements . This isn't console where game devs can stop you from getting your achievemnets if you made changes to your game. Some games do disable achievements when mods are involved, like Skyrim.Apr 15, 2020

Do mods disable achievements in repentance?

In Afterbirth+ and Repentance, having any enabled mod will disable the ability to unlock any achievements to encourage new players to play the game without any. To enable unlocking achievements with mods enabled, you need to defeat Mom at least once with all of your mods disabled.

Do GTA V cheats disable achievements? – Quora. Yes they do . You can use them as much as you like (for Story Mode / Single Player I mean), but once you input a cheat code you will get a notification saying that Achievements for that gameplay will be disabled.

Subnautica: Below Zero. Do Console Commands/Mods Disable Achievements? In the original Subnautica, using console commands disabled achievements until you restarted the game and then they were enabled again. Apparently in Below Zero, the achievements get disabled permanently, even if you restart .